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Address to the Empire

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Dear Stormarkers,


Hearing I ask | from the holy races,

From Heimdall's sons, | both high and low;

Thou wilt, Valfather, | that well I relate

Old tales I remember | of men long ago.


It is with great joy I stand before you at the Law Rock. This place marks the very foundation of the Empire. From here the Emperor speaks, The Law Speaker, the Chancellor and the heir to the throne, when addressing the Empire and its dominions.


Today we celebrate the Emperor’s birthday. And it is with admiration for his work, for what he has done, and for what he is, that we should celebrate with our hearts and souls. Just look at what Stormark has become! After all these years it remains a strong empire, a nation proud to call itself Viking again while at the same time respecting and honouring other cultures and religions.


He has ventured to protect smaller cultures to make them strong. It is not incompatible with the Viking way of life. No, for all that he does is strengthening the Norse feel of our nation. The Norsemen of old travelled all over the known world. Just as the Emperor has done. There is not a nation on Micras that hasn’t heard of him, no state that has not wanted to enter relations with his.


In the past year, we have happily seen the Emperor marry the Empress, giving us opportunities for a prosperous future. We are also pleased to see that the heir to the throne has himself married.


The Emperor has proposed many laws for the betterment of the Empire, signed numerous treaties, and has assented to many other laws. He steers the government through decrees and orders in council. He has ensured that the independence of the judiciary remains steadfast. We have a judiciary to be proud of! And without the Emperor that would not be the case. Without him this Empire’s functions would not be strong.


But we should not only concentrate on his achievements, but also remember that despite being the Emperor – or maybe because he is – he remains a friend to us all. Whenever we have problems we can turn to him for advice. He is also a man of a great humour from whose jokes we reach for laughter.


A true friend, a true Emperor, a true leader!


Let us all raise our horns and glasses to His Most Imperial Majesty the Eternal Sovereign Viking Emperor! Long may he live! Long may he reign!

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