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Your Most Sacred Majesty,


The Prince of Upper Cranda has issued summonses for the dukes of the state. There is a proposed decree drafted by the Prince to let Attera and Upper Cranda enter into a personal union, which in effect would kill off the prinipality's independence.


Hurmu shares a lot with Upper Cranda. For many years our two nations were part of the same country, first the Royal Crandish Republic, then Arminy, Shireroth, and back to the Royal Crandish Republic in whose legislature the Hurmu representatives formed a sizable majority. We share a Germanic culture.


I bring this to your attention because I, as Prince of Hurmu, was once elected by the Riikstai as Duke of Balduvien. As you are very much aware of (I hope!), you are my successor because you are the Queen of Hurmu. According to Upper Crandish law, fiefs or duchies are held by sovereigns in nations abroad. You are therefore the successor to the Duchy of Balduvien - the Duchess of Balduvien.


I know that you do not have much of a constitutional role in Hurmu, but I think it is important that you represent our State in the upcoming discussions. If you do not want this, you could at least send out a representative who would attend the Diet on your behalf.


As the Shah of Babkha, I will be attending as Duke of Saksenlant. And our dear senator Jeremy should attend on behalf of his duchy in Upper Cranda.


I understand if you have reservations as this as a Stormarker. Stormark and Upper Cranda were not really the best of friends. But I ask of you as Hurmudan to represen t the interests of our ancient State in the upcoming session of the Riikstai.


Yours sincerely,


R. V. Andelarion

Chairman of the Senate

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Chairman Andelarion,


Since I regard this as a foreign affairs matter it would, in my humble opinion, be much more appropriate if you would represent Hurmu in Cranda's Diet.


It has happened in the past that a person represented more than one state. David Northworthy Beckford, for example, represented himself as High Priest of Nor-Krantism and also Kaiseress Semisa of Shireroth.


Would you be willing to also represent Hurmu in Cranda's Diet?


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