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Imperial Chancellor's Address to the Empire

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Your Most Imperial Majesties, Your Most Imperial Highness, Fellow Countrymen;


I am delighted to have the honour, privilege and great pleasure to address you here today on the most joyous occasion of Lindisfarne Day.


Having recently enjoyed a nostalgia tour through the five years of this Viking Nation’s history, I must admit that I am very impressed. Impressed with the rich history of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, and very impressed with the fact, considering how far our history reaches back in time, that our Viking Nation has not turned into a museum but is still going strong.


Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire has remained so vital and vibrant due the attitude of its Citizens. Where many other Nations become reactionary and complacent after a long time in existence, the Citizens of Stormark always remain open to change. Stormark is also very inclusive community; newcomers are always warmly welcomed with open arms and find their place in our Viking Nations' society very quickly.


I'm positive that due to this positive attitude of the Citizens of Stormark and their dedication, loyalty and hard work this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire will continue on this most glorious path of progress.


Rock on Stormark!

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