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Your Most Imperial Majesty,


I would also like one of your sig tags. smile.gif


This is the text I would like on it:


Sir Dagfinn Thorvaldsson,

Imperial Chancellor of Stormark.


Ei vill ein Víking vá furalltíd enda till sjýarna falla neir á mi.


I would furthermore like it to look Viking and, if possible, my avatar to be included.

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Could you also make sig tag for Stormark's Rose? Could you include the Phrase "Stórmarks rós eir tilbáka."?



Good Evening To You, Your Most Imperial Majesty,


The Signature Tags which You have been Creating are Really Magnificent!!! . . .


I wonder if You would be able to Create one for me, please??? . . .


Whatever You would choose to include would be most appropriate; I leave those details to Your Esteemed Discretion . . .


Thank You So Very Much . . .


I'm sure that it will indeed be Fantastic!!! . . .


Give my love to Princess Chloe . . .


Have A Most Splendiferous Evening . . . Forthwith . . .




Dame Ragnhild Gunlaugsdottir,

The Duchess of Romsdal.


"Stórmarks rós eir tilbáka."

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Dearest Empress:


I am most glad to see that Her Most Imperial Majesty, now has her own Private Cabinet! (Cheers to that! cheers.gif )


I am here to formally request, Her Most Imperial Majesty to create a graphic request since, Her Most Imperial Majesty is very talented in that area.



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I would like a sig too.


This is the text I woild like on it:


Heidi Holgersdottir

Bishop of Dún Gail Dara

Camerlengo of the United Church of Stormark

Lady of Holsteinborg Castle


On all other matters concerning my sig tag, I simply trust I trust your judgement, Your Most Imperial Majesty.

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Ok, let's see if I can give you a better idea of what I'd like on mine...


HIMH Crown Prince Thorfinn

Imperial Prince of Helgoland

Prince of Drangetoft

Earl of Orkney

Earl of More



- the Earldoms may be combined if it looks better, "Earl of Orkney and More"


I'd like to have a Thor's hammer incorporated...(religious symbol).

Here's an example:


user posted image


Perhaps incorporate the Imperial Arms with additions as granted me by HMIM:



You're doing a great job on these. smile.gif

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