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Decree: Extraordinary session of the Senate

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I hereby call for an extraordinary session of the Senate to take place from the 20th of November 2006. All Senators of Hurmu are invited to attend.


Those unable to attend may designate an advocate to represent them. Should neither senator nor advocate appear, I will appoint an advocate, unless the senator does not wish to attend at all.





Prince, Thane and Satrap of Hurmu


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Maybe the poll system of the board can help you. I think the programm is phpBB. Take a look at their website to see if this can solve your problem. Here's a link to their FAQ


You may need a closed forum for the poll so that only senators can vote.



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As I understand it, an advocate represents someone and therefore must know what that person's point of view is. When a senator can't attend and sends me instructions then I will be glad to be of service.

I believe Chloe is too young to make up her mind in these matters. If she's not represented in this session then I could do that.


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