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1. The property of the State belongs to the entire people of Hurmu. There is no limit to the property which the State can own. Only the State possesses all the natural resources, waterways, transportation, major factories, enterprises and ports. The State shall guarantee giving priority to the growth of its property.


2. The property of social cooperative organisations belongs to the collective property of working people within the organisations concerned. Social cooperative organisations can possess such property as land, agricultural machinery, ships, medium-small sized factories and enterprises. The State shall protect the property of social cooperative organisations.


3. Private property is confirmed to property meeting the simple and individual aims of the citizen. Private property consists of distributions of the result of labour and additional benefits of the State and society. The products of individual sideline activities including those from the kitchen gardens of cooperative farmers and income from other legal economic activities shall also belong to private property. The State shall protect private property and guarantee its legal inheritance.

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