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Princely Decree


To all and sundry to whom these Presents shall come, greetings:


WHEREAS Birla Mortensdottir has ceased to be Queen of Nidaros;


AND WHEREAS the current government of Nidaros was not involved in Nidaros during the reign of Queen Birla;


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that I, Harald, Paramount Chieftain of the Ancient Tribes of Hurmu, do hereby revoke the Decree concerning Nidaros issued by the Prince of Hurmu on the Fifth Day of July of the Year Two Thousand and Six, provided that the provisions of the said Decree remain in force for, Birla Mortensdottir former Queen of Nidaros who declared war on this Principality until such time that the requirements of the said Decree are met by her.


Detta min villa eir ó min villa eir lá.


Given at the Imperial Palace in Huyenkula by my hand on the Two Thousand and Sixty Sixth Day since the Beginning of Time.


Árald, Eifi Vektari Seya Hurmus, Eisti Éfod Fúrnstammuna Hurmus, Medskyddari alla Tinga Hurmudánska, Medveskyddari Hurmus.

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