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Stormark-Shireroth Treaty

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Whereas the two countries of the IMPERIAL REPUBLIC OF SHIREROTH and the VIKING EMPIRE OF STORMARK, having come into contact with one another and and finding their interests to be coincident, do so desire to formalize and secure their cordial feelings, they do agree:


FIRST, that each recognize the other as a sovereign and independent country, possessed of all the rights entailed thereby


SECOND, that each recognizes the other as the sole owner of all territory , both physical as imaginary, which they claim


THIRD, that both countries commit to resolve all mutual disputes peacefully, using a neutral third partied agreed to by both should this prove impossible by normal channels


FOURTH, that both countries shall remain open and accessible to tourists and other visitors from one another, barring national emergencies or other such security issues


FIFTH, that proper channels of communication shall be opened between them, so as to facilitate dialogue and future cooperation


SIXTH, that both countries shall tangibly demonstrate their good will and desire for one another to prosper by including a link to one another in their respective EZRings.


SEVENTH, that each recognizes the titles of nobility and honours of each other, if conferred lawfully by the rightful authorities.


Passed by the Landsraad on April 13,2004.


So be it!!


Done the from the Imperial Hall on the Twenty Nineth Day of the month Bilskirnir in the Year of Our Lord the Two Thousand and Fourth and of the Second Viking Age the Third.


Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver by the Grace of the Viking Law Sovereign Viking Emperor of the Viking Empire of Stormark and by the Grace of Other High Laws of His Other Realms King.




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