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Stormark-Gotzborg Treaty

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Treaty of Recognition and Friendship between the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and the Viking Empire of Stormark



AFFIRMING the spirit of friendship and cooperation on which relations between the two nations are based, and wishing to place their relations on an even closer and more solid foundation;


AFFIRMING that both nations formally recognize and respect each other as independent and sovereign nations.


ACKNOWLEDGING the importance to each nation of the relationship and the close connection between them;


RESOLVED to evaluate and pursue opportunities for their governments and their peoples to work together in a spirit of understanding on matters of mutual interest;


CONVINCED of the importance of creating, developing and maintaining relations on an equitable and mutually advantageous basis in a long-term perspective;


RECOGNISING that cooperation between the two nations should have their common interest in the prosperity and welfare of both nations;


CONVINCED that the conclusion of a Treaty which formally embodies the friendship and cooperation between the governments and peoples of the two nations will assist the further development of their relations;


HAVE RESOLVED to conclude this treaty and for that purpose sign to indicate acceptance as follows:


So be it!!


Done from the Imperial Hall on the Third Day of the Month Gladsheim in the Year of Our Lord the Two Thousand and Fourth and of the Second Viking Age the Third.


Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver by the Grace of the Viking Law Sovereign Viking Emperor of the Viking Empire of Stormark and by the Grace of Other High Laws of His Other Realms King.


In witness whereof we have caused this Treaty of Recognition and Friendship with the VIking Empire of Stormark in effect by the affixation of the Royal Seal of the Kingdom witness ourself at Lonenberg Palace the twenty-fifth day of October in the fifteenth year of our reign.




HRM August Charles II,

King of Gotzborg




HG Robert, Duke of Altamore

Royal Chancellor

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