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Congratulations and Invitation

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To The Great Nation of Stormark and The Great Emperor of Stormark:


Thanks for the invitation of the anniversary of Stormark and congratulations to The Great Nation of Stormark. We invited to a reception in of The Sovereign State of Hezpenya 10 august to them, we waited for its visit:




Celebration: Approval of the shield of The Sovereign State of Hezpenya by the senate.

Place: Palace of The Imperator and Basilius of Hezpenya.

City: Vezhustra (Capital of Hezpenya).

Date: 10 august 2006

Hour: 20 Hezpenya (a hours hours less in France, Spain, Italy).

Include/understand it?.Kindly:

Its High Excellence:

Archiexcellent of Hezpenya,

Seneschal of Hezpenya:

B.Z.VicenteImperator and Basilius of Hezpenya[/size](Constitutional Governor).


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