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Decree: HIM the Grand Czar of Landingberg

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Whereas the Grand Czar of Landingberg and the State of Hurmu have developed cordial and amicable relations with one and another,


And whereas that His Imperial Majesty the Grand Czar, R. Tyler-Alexander Aaron Asher-Jones, Supreme Autocrat and Emperor of all the Landingbergs has been graceful in offering the State a mission at Saint Christopher’s Castle in the Imperial City of Landingberg,


Know ye that it has been decided that His Imperial Majesty, Grand Czar R. Tyler-Alexander Aaron Asher-Jones, Emperor and Supreme Autocrat of all the Landingbergs, is to become a Knight of the Holy Lakes and Elector of Hurmu, positions which will entitle him, his spouses and children, membership in the Senate of Electors, the legislature of the State, for now and for ever more.

Done at the Elenaran’s Palace in the City of Huyenkula this two thousand and five hundred and eighth day since the beginning of time, by my hand signed.


Andelarion, Prince, Thane and Satrap of Hurmu, Duke of Hyperborea and Elwynn, Duke of New Aquitane, Earl of Lósálfarey, Baron of Elwynn, Count of Eliria and Utasia and Thane of the Lósálfareyar.




Da Stórtsárinn Landingveiringa o Hurmu ríki á bikt up vennlia furallandin med var o annra,


O da Anns keisarlia maiesteit Stórtsárinn, R. Tyler-Alexander Aaron Asher-Jones, Syprem Autokrát o Keisari alla Landingveiranna ár várit nádirík i ífit ríkinu eit updrásús us Eilia Kristoffur feistningi i Keiserlia vurinni Landingveiri,


Veit Í at det á blífit bestemt at Anns keisarlia mayesteit Stórtsárinn, R. Tyler-Alexander Aaron Asher-Jones, Syprem Autokrát o Keisari alla Landingveiranna, eir til at komma at blí riddari Eilia Seyanna, Válmann Hurmus; medlemsstedir som vill ífa unum, anns spúsi o beirn, medlemsjáp i Válmannaalztirádinu, ríkits lástiftandi fursamling, fur nú o eivieit framífir.


Útfeirdat í Elenarans Palace i Eiyaveiri, tvá túsun o fem unnra o átta dár sein tídinni veinnelsa; med handinn minn ristat.


Andelarion, Furst, Tein o Satrap Hurmus, Eirtói Hyperboreo o Alvýnalannz, Eirtói Nýa Akfitans, Járl Lósálfareya, Fríerra Alvýnalannz, Járl Elirilannz o Útasilannz, Tein Lósálfareyanna.

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Good Afternoon To You, Grand Czar Tyler-Alexander,


Congratulations To You On Your Recent Appointment As A Knight Of The Holy Lakes, And An Elector Of Hurmu!!! . . .


You will Indeed be a Most Valuable Asset to the Nation of Hurmu as You pursue Your Duties and Responsibilities!!! . . .


Enjoy Your New Appointment; I am sure that You will Wear Your New Achievement with Pride and Elegance!!! . . .


Have A Most Splendiferous Afternoon . . . Forthwith . . .

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