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Imperial Chancellor's Address to the Empire

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Your Imperial Majesties, Your Imperial Highness, Fellow Countrymen;


Today I stand before you in an extremely different situation than the one I stood before you a year ago when our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire was just hit by the EZBoard disaster which had left this Viking Nation in ruins. The EZBoard disaster killed many nations but it did not kill Stormark. On the contrary! We Stormarkers simply dusted ourselves off, rolled up our sleeves and commenced with re-building this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire.


The first few weeks were rough ones. The EZBoard disaster had the same impact on Stormark as Huricane Katrina had on New Orleans. We had to re-build our Viking Nation from scratch. Together, through hard work and dedication, we overcame that catastrophy. Stormark came much stonger out of the EZBoard disaster. Our joint efforts, my fellow countrymen, took this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire even higher than it ever had been before. This Viking Nation became a superpower.


At no period of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire's existence had we so much cause to felicitate ourselves at the prosperous and happy condition of our country. The abundant fruits of the Micras have filled it with plenty and I'm positive that this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire will continue on this most glorious path.


Rock on Stormark!

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Good Morning To You, Sir Dagfinn, And Also To You, My Gentle Friends,


Ah Yes, The EZ Board Disaster!!! . . .


Oh My - What An Absolute Monster That Was!!! . . .


And, Sir Dagfinn, You are Most Correct - Stormark Survived - And Did It With Grace And Power!!! . . .


In My Humble Opinion, We Are Truly Invincible!!! . . .


Have A Most Spendiferous Morning . . . Forthwith . . .

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