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A gift from Hurmu

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His Excellency, Andelarion, Prince, Thane and Satrap of Hurmu, Earl of Lósálfarey, Baron of Elwynn, Count of Eliria and Utasia, and heir to the throne of Babkha, to His Imperial Majesty, Harald Thorstein, the Chieftain of the Ancient Tribes and Sovereign Viking Emperor, a letter, and greetings:


Whereas Your Imperial Majesty has given the State, People and Nation of Hurmu great counsel and leadership through most difficult times, we have, in the name of the Lakes appointed Your Imperial Majesty to the Order of the Holy Lakes. Know ye that Your Imperial Majesty has been granted the style of Knight of the Holy Lakes and Elector of Hurmu, and that any children or spouses His Imperial Majesty may have, may be granted place in the Senate of Electors, for now and for ever more.


Given at the Palace of the Elenaran in the city Huyenkula this two-thousand and four-hundred and seventy-ninth day since the beginning of time, by my hand signed.





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Good Afternoon To You, Your Majesty,


Congratulations on Your Recent Investitures from His Excellency, Prince Andelarion!!! . . .


You Are Indeed Most Worthy Of These Magnificent Honours, Your Majesty!!! . . .


Enjoy Them In Abundance, Auspiciousness, Attainment, and Accomplishment . . .


Have A Most Splendiferous Afternoon . . . Forthwith . . .

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