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Disclaimer: The Wyrd of Midgard does not take a stance on the legitimacy of runework and presents the following as information for those interested both in runes in divination and runework as a part of Asatru worship and belief.


Many who work magically with the runes use them for healing or for divination. The runes may be handmade by the runemaster, which some believe results in a closer relationship for the master with his tools, or they may be purchased and become 'attuned' to their user through meditation and use.


The runes may be cast, drawn, or another form of runework involves a series of stances, usually used for healing. The stances are also used in a reconstructed Nordic martial art known as stav.


The following are links relating to runes and runework:









For an in-depth look at the individual runes, you may refer to the rune study I provided on our old ezboard forum at: http://p213.ezboard.com/fvikingempireofsto...opicID=35.topic

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