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It is the wish of Her Majesty Queen Dagmar, Head of the Nidarosian Kingdom to strengthen the ties with The Viking Empire of Stormark and hereby presents to His Imperial Majesty, The Sovereign Viking Emperor the following treaty;


WHEREAS the people of Nidaros have a deep respect and love for the people of Stormark;


AND WHEREAS we have long been under the protection of the Viking Empire of Stormark;


WE do offer the following treaty;


Article 1

There will be a renewed state of perpetual friendship, cooperation and peace between Her Majesty The Queen of Nidaros, Her Heirs and Successors, and His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor, His Heirs and Successors, and between Their Majesties' respective Peoples and States.


Article 2

Stormark and Nidaros do hereby agree to protect one another from any foreign potentates or powers;


Article 3

Nidaros will no longer fall under the legal jurisdiction of the courts of Stormark, but will instead form it's own judicial court known as The Volsdame Court but cases may be referred to the courts of Stormark in special circumstances;


Article 4

Stormark may establish military bases in Nidaros;


Article 5

Nidarosian citizens may enlist in the Armed Forces of Stormark and vice versa;


Article 6

a) Laws of Stormark on trade, military, defence and foreign affairs will be no longer be automatically applicable to Nidaros but a clause shall be written into each law of Stormark upon the request of the Queen of Nidaros, making the law applicable to Nidaros;


b ) No other laws of Stormark, or decrees by the Emperor or Government of Stormark, will be applicable to Nidaros, unless agreed upon by the Nidarosian legislature in accordance with the constitutional provisions of the Kingdom;


Article 7

All changes to this Treaty must be ratified by both parties to the Treaty to acquire validity.


Article 8

This Treaty shall come into operation when it has been passed by the appropriate organs of Government in both Nidaros and Stormark.


AND we do hereby offer this treaty to our beloved Stormark;


AND hereafter this treaty will be known as The Treaty of Nidaros;

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Your Imperial Majesty, Your Majesty;


I'm addressing you in my capacity of Acting Attorney-General of Stormark.


The Kingdom of Nidaros is an Autonomous Country of Stormark. Relations between the Viking Empire of Stormark and its Autonomous Countries are governed by the Autonomous Countries' Code, which is a High Law of Stormark and therefore part of Stormark's Constitution. This treaty contradicts the Autonomous Countries' Code at several points and would therefore be unconstitutional, null and void. I would therefore advise this treaty to be withdrawn.


I also would like to add that the proposed treaty, which is an adapted version of the Treaty of the Lakes, is unnecessary due to the existance of the Autonomous Countries' Code. Furthermore, the Treaty of the Lakes was written for a whole different situation- i.e. a sovereign nation, Cranda, becoming a protectorate of Stormark and not such as in this case an Autonomous Country of Stormark whose rights and proscriptions are already laid down in the Constitution.

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Good Evening To You, Your Majesty, Lady Anne-Marie,


You are Indeed Most Fortunate to have the Magnificent Benefit of Sir Dagfinn's Wise Counsel . . .


His Infinite Wisdom is Loyal and True, and He is a Most Valuable Asset to Your Majesty . . .


I am sure that You will find Him to be a Wonderful Friend, and an Expert Advisor to You on All Issues . . .


Have a most thoughtful evening . . . forthwith . . .

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