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Greetings from the Kingdom of Vallicoria

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-=-From the Office of HM The King of Vallicoria-=-


To His Majesty The Sovereign Viking Emperor:

Your Majesty, I am His Majesty King Cameron I, King of Vallicoria. Vallicoria is a relatively new micronation, having been founded about eight months ago. We are an absolute monarchy, existing right now mainly of nobles. Our website and current forums can be found at http://groups.myspace.com/vallicoria . We wish to open diplomatic communications with the great Viking Empire of Stormark. Please, reply to this post here, as I am currently working on getting forums that exist outside of myspace. I hope that we may open relations and have a fruitful diplomatic relationship.


-HM King Cameron I of Vallicoria

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You've got a pretty good thing going here, advanced and organized. How long have you been working at this?

Thank you, Your Majesty.


Stormark was founded on August 8, 2002 so we have been in existance for three-and-half years.

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