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Welcome to the Wyrd of Midgard Hof in Stormark!


Due to the recent ezboard debacle, we have lost a great deal of information which was previously provided by the Hof to those interested in the Norse Gods and the modern religion honoring them, Asatru.


We do hope that the ezboard restoration will return at least some of that information, but until then, I will provide links to what I consider to be some of the best resources available.


The Troth - One of the largest Asatru organizations, with excellent information available on the site. Check out especially Our Troth online.


Heathens Against Hate - Provides information and links to groups that honor the gods and oppose those who pervert the teachings of the Aesir and Vanir through hate and racism.


Thorfinn Stormarksgothi

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Good Evening To You, My Gentle Friends,


These wonderful works are such a treasure for our Stormarkian Heritage . . .


I do hope that EZBoard can restore completely our valuable works so that we may be able to copy them into a more accessible form when we would wish to read them . . .


Have an absolutely splendiferous evening . . . forthwith . . .

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