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Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima cut short holiday to Greece after huge public backlash as people in Netherlands are told to stay at home during lockdown

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Your Royal Highness,

One of the differences between all of me, the Imperial Regent of the Lands of the Longships Throne, and the king of that imaginary country on that imaginary planet called Earth is that compared to the Vanadísarhall, Huis ten Bosch is a joke. All of me therefore does need not to leave Autumn Hall to take a break, for Vanadís Bosom is supercalifragilisticexpialidociously vast and there is more than enough to do to keep one occupied for several Vanamaðr lives. One of the advantages of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms being much larger than the Netherlands, is that the official holiday residence and retreat of the Longships Throne, the Imperial Farm, is situated in our very own Vanic, Viking and Valtian country  and one even does not need to cross out of the Imperial Jarldom of Gularike to boot! :cheers2:

Should all of me require some Greekish sun, then all of me could travel to Vollaria without anyone batting an eye since all of me always has various duties, responsibilities and functions there which are attached to the Krónjarlaship, all of me qualitate qua being the Jarla of the Sólareyjar as well as the Imperial Chieftainess of those Eight Sacred Isles. Yet another perk of being a globe-spanning empire. :thumbsup:

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