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Birth of Arkadius Gudrödar and Esther Faya

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Château de Vathune

8 Breidablikk 19

This early eventide the Frankish Empress, Imperial Chieftainess of Normandie, was - with the Frankish Emperor all the while at her side, holding her hand as well as otherwise attending to Her Imperial and Royal Majesty - safely delivered of healthy twins in the Shiroiwa Room of Castle Islàn; an ancient romantic castle which is the Seat of the House of Orchids, and therefore the Heart of the Heart of the Monarchy of Elwynn. These two Fruits of the Loving Valtian Loins of Their Imperial and Royal Majesties of Francia, a baby boy and a baby girl, are the freshest - and very well-loved - shoots on the glorious, age-old Imperial and Royal stems of the Houses of Vinandy, Ayreon-Kalirion, Ravaria and Ettlingar Freyu.

Seated on the White Orchid Throne a few turns of the hourglass posterior to her giving birth to her pair of nurslings the Frankish Empress beamingly - midst an elaborate ceremony full of pomp, pageantry and extravaganza that celebrated the birth of two new highborn citizens of the planet as well as the Scion of the King of Kings and Saint Harald who put her body and her life on the line to accomplish this miracle of love - conferred upon the two little ones their names. The ceremony aforesaid was attended by hundreds of guests hailing from all over the Lands of Björtolfia and Beyond-the-Walls of whom many of them learned that in jurisdictions where dynastic names are used, the newborns will bear the surname of "des Vinandy Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati af Ettlingum Freyu de Ravarie" and in the High Realm of Stormark, as well as other places with similar laws and customs, "of the Houses of des Vinandy Ayreon-Kalirion de Ravarie and the Descendants of Freyja" is to be borne by them as suffix.

Their Imperial and Royal Majesties' son and fifthborn child was given the name Arkadius Gudrödar; their daughter was bestowed upon the name of Esther Faya. All of the aforementioned names for their offspring had been chosen with tremendous care by the Imperial Couple of Francia: Arkadius is a traditional name for males appertaining to the House of Vinandy, and Gudrödar is the name of the father of the High King of the Lands of the Longships Throne from whom Their Imperial and Royal Majesties both descend; likewise was their daughter named after the Lady Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar Ayreon-Kalirion and Queen Faya Veronique. The former is the Empress Esther's grandmother, the latter is the first Queen Regnant of Batavia.

Subsequently to being given their names, heralds proclaimed Arkadius Gudrödar and Esther Faya - who are seventh and eighth in the Line of Succession to the White Orchid Throne - the Earl of Tehuri and the Earla of Hjalli, respectively: semi-century old titles appertaining to their place in the Order of Succession to the Elwynnese Kingship. Solemnly the heralds went on to pronouncing the titles the two little ones are entitled to: an impressive list which ranged into every nook and cranny of the Lands of Björtolfia and occasionally even extending Beyond-the-Walls. Homage was then done to Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses by representatives of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn: one by one they knelt before the White Orchid Throne, a festival of swearing oaths as well as presentation of precious gifts. Songs were also sung to Arkadius Gudrödar and Esther Faya and poems were also recited in honour of the newborns; all of them written or composed, as the case may be, especially for this joyous event. 

Since the little ones were born to the Imperial Chieftainess of Normandie, who is in the Line of Succession to the Longships Throne, their birth was proudly proclaimed by Guðlaugur Svanlaugsson of the House of Myrka, a Húskarl of the Imperial Thingalid. In accordance with venerable tradition the proclamation took place in the Godsgrove of the ancient ruined fortress which since time immemorial is known as Harald's Holdfast, amidst runestones with the deeds of the High King and surrounded by eerie wisps of early forenoon fog,

Immediately after the birth of Arkadius Gudrödar and Esther Faya had been proclaimed in the Godsgrove of Harald's Holdfast, a 62-gun salute was fired in the Godsgrove of the Vanadísarhall which is known as Frigga's Grove by the Imperial Koppervatski Corps of the Imperial Thingalid. It is the largest Godsgrove of the Vanadísarhall and covers 130 acres. Simultaneously 62-gun salutes were fired in the Godsgroves of Arkadius Palace, Blanckenhof Palace, Castellum Avalon, Castle Islàn, Château de Vathune, and Château des Vinandy. In the former three palaces the gun salutes were performed by the Imperial Guard, the Ingelburgian Jägers and the Tassity Mansabdar, respectively; in the latter three castles the gun salutes were fired by the Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard.

As soon as the last shots had been fired, the bells of temples and churches around the Lands of Björtolfia began tolling to celebrate the birth of Arkadius Gudrödar and Esther Faya. At the same time numerous vessels in and around numerous harbours and ports in the self-same Lands of Björtolfia proudly sounded their horns in joyful honour of the baby royals.

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