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Updated Arms of the Jarldom of the Frigga Islands

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Arms Frigga Islands2.png

Yo, listen up, Frigesmenn!

A High Priestess wishes to convey that she has the honour and the pleasure, both as great as the mighty bosom of the Lady Unna, to present you all with the updated version of the coat of arms of the Jarldom of the Frigga Islands.

The updated coat of arms aforesaid features the Goddess Frigga, to Whom this Holy Jarldom appertains in Her capacity of Fulltrui and Sacred Queen of the Lands of the Longships Throne, on a purple field - purple being a colour associated with royalty - spreading out the Cloak of Sovereignty over the Twenty-Six Jarldoms and its People. The aforesaid cloak is light blue of colour, which is a colour associated with Frigga. Her Most Sacred Majesty is wearing a bridal crown, to denote that she is married to the High King, as well as a light blue magical necklace. 

The All-Mother is surrounded by objects in gold that are since times ancient beyond the memory of woman associated with Her Most Sacred Majesty, to wit: keys and spinning wheels. In addition there are several silver anchors, each of them environed by a crown of gold. Each crown represents the Lady Frigga as Grantress of Stormark's Sovereignty and the anchors symbolize Her Most Sacred Majesty's role as Guarantress and Protectress of the self-same.

The shield is topped with the Imperial Crown of Stormark, also known as the Imperial Crown of Valtia. The crown aforesaid is in turn topped by a wreath on which is seated a Falcon, which is a sacred bird associated with Frigga.

A boar and a Vanic Priestess of the royal rank of Princess of the Ancient Ways serve as shield supporters. The boar is in the Vanic Faith a sacred animal associated with various Gods and Goddesses. The Priestess is spreading out the Cloak of Faith over the Jarldom of the Frigga Islands and its People. The aforesaid cloak is purple of colour, which is, as said otherwhere in this writing of mine, a colour associated with royalty. She is wearing a Priestessly Crown as well as a pearl necklace with a ruby and gold pendant. The Pearls represent purity and the ruby and gold of the pendant symbolize wealth. Her Royal Highness is a Rauðihár, which means "redhead" in the Storish language. Redheads are revered by the Vanafolk since red hair has traditionally been seen as a sign of descent from high-ranking ancestors and a mark of rulership and Priesthood. Vanafolkers also consider red hair to be a blessing from the Gods and Goddesses and very attractive.

The coat of arms of the Jarldom of the Frigga Islands also features the collar of the Most Beloved and Most Blessed Imperial Order of the Fulltrui. The Imperial Order aforesaid is, together with the Grand and Glorious Imperial Order of the Two Silver Longships, the Supreme Order of Chivalry of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms. 

The compartment is a meadow strewn with roses, and also contains the motto scroll. The colour of the meadow symbolizes fertility and the many roses allude to Frigga's motherly and High Wifely love. The motto "Frigg spør ingenting; hun vet allerede svaret" means "Frigg asks no-thing; she knows already the-answer". 

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