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Alys! Where have you been all of my life?!?!

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This is the Lady Alys Geloyra, the woman I intend to marry. She is the bomb! There are not enough superlatives in all the languages of Reikistjarna combined to describe this beautiful darling of mine. 😍 :wub:

Here is she wearing some of the jewelry, I have lavished her with, including the golden vanity contact lenses.

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On 6/29/2019 at 5:17 AM, Ærinndís said:

Tell us more of her!!! 

Lady Alys Geloyra was born in the year 1642 Anno Nortone at the Milkhouse - her ancestral fortified farm, which nowadays is situated in The Green. All of its buildings were made of white stone quarried in the Heartland, the floors and pillars of residential buildings were crafted from white marble veined with gold, and its rafters were carved from the trunks of Valtian Whitewood. 

In the year 1660 she married a local man called Hagred Magqirelle. With her husband the Lady Alys had four children two girls: Kalyphise (1661) and Thosei (1665); and two boys Sebastian (1663) and Taerentym (1667). 

The Geloyras were already known to the House of Ettlingar Freyu in the First Viking Age. An ancestor of hers, Mitalar Geloyra, is mentioned in various annals and chronicles from the Days of Valtia, such as Falconesses in Flight, Annals of Falkurhǫll and History of the Valtians. He rode into battle with the Storjarla Björka Hnossdóttir and she later invested him with a King's Sword as a reward for his tremendous valor and outstanding leadership, conferring the status of a king upon him. As a King, Mitalar amassed great wealth, owning vast tracts of land and numerous halls and farms.

Somewhere during the Age of Darkness, the Geloyras lost their royal status, however, and along the way their wealth steadily decreased as well. By the time that the Lady Alys was born her family only owned the Milkhouse, which a few generations ago had been turned an inn, and other than their noble title were no different from commoners. They also struggled to make ends meet. 

The Lady Alys has an exquisite singing voice and also plays various musical instruments, her favourites being the lute, the flute and the harp. Ofttimes she entertained guests at the Milkhouse with music and song. Alys is also fond of books as well as a mistress of culinary arts, the fruits of her work being so delicious that it makes you want to eat your plate. She is considered loyal, warm, loving, caring, brave, a tad naive, fierce and headstrong.

Both her parents having died of illness when she was a pre-teen, the Lady Alys had been operating the Milthouse since she was twelve. She had to make numerous painful decisions to keep the Milkhouse afloat, such as releasing servants and guards - whose families had been serving the Geloyras for generations - from her service and ceasing certain charitable activities.

In 1672 AN tragedy struck the Milkhouse. When the Lady Alys was away on a business trip, the Milkhouse was raided, looted and burned by the Incorregibles, a travelling gang of marauders. All people present at the inn, including Alys' husband and children, were slaughtered.

Upon discovering the carnage, the Lady Alys arranged, with the help of locals from a nearby hamlet, for the funeral of the victims of the attack. She then packed her personal belongings - as well as some valauables and family heirlooms, which had been hidden so well that the marauders couldn't find them and where they even survived the fire unscathed - and left the Milkhouse, seemingly for good. 

For more than a year the Lady Alys wandered The Green, making a living as troubadour, until I met her for the tirst time outside a seedy tavern called The Shattered Cavern and subsequently took her to Stormark. This literally saved her life, because when my Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard autocade of armoured cars drove down the dilapidated, derelict Gralan road Alys was to take, our surveillance systems detected several (bands of) thugs, freaks and creeps lying in wait, at the ready to abduct someone. Some even dared to approach us; we fired several flares as warning shots to keep them at bay, and with some we exchanged fire. Naturally, they aborted their attempts when they noticed that we were not a soft target. In short: Alys would not have gotten terribly far.

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