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Kaupmaðrhǫll is an ancient stronghold which is situated in the Jarldom of Eidsivarike in the Traditional District which is known as Oldstores. Since the earliest days of the Second Viking Age has Kaupmaðrhǫll been the seat of the Imperial Chieftainess of the Merchant Jarldom, and therefore it nowadays is my primary home in the Lands of the Longships Throne. The castle is renowed around Reikistjarna for its walls of marble and its roofs of gold.

The name Kaupmaðrhǫll means "Merchant Hall" in the Storish language. The aforesaid name is derived from a wealthy merchant from the Days of Valtia called Gamall Gullhǫnd ("The Old One with a Hand of Gold"). In his time Gamall Gullhǫnd was the wealthiest man of the Heartland by a country mile, and the one who had Kaupmaðrhǫll built. Gamall was so successful as a merchant that it seemed that anything he touched turned into gold; hence his moniker "Gullhǫnd". He was, among others, the founder of Reikistjarna's first formal stock exchange: the Kauphǫllin í Haithabu, which exists to this very day.

Kaupmaðrhǫll was built to impress. It was commissioned by Gamall Gullhǫnd when it became apparent to him that his quest to obtain a chieftaincy, which had been quite the obsession yo him, would remain fruitless. If he could not be a chieftain, he resolved, then he would not only at least dwell like one, but would also outdo all the chieftains of the Heartland.

Attached to Kaupmaðrhǫll are several manses in Heartland cities like Jelling, Skíringssalr, Kaupang, Köpingsvik and Haithabu. Those manses may, in accordance with the Last Will and Testament of Gamall Gullhǫnd, be used by Kaupmaðrhǫll's owner or legal occupant, as the case may be. 

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