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Mes chères compatriotes,

Montjoie les Léopards is the battle cry of the Duchy of Normandie. 

It refers to the banner of the Leopard Brothers, Horik and Hyngwar Rognvaldsson, which was known as the "Montjoie". The banner derived that name from the rocky promontory where it had been presented to the Leopard Brothers by the King of Franciana - Clovis VII of the House of Neûtrie, who was also known as Clovis the Cocky - upon the former becoming the liegemen of the latter under the provisions of the Treaty of Pont l'Évêque. For all three of them was it a joyous occasion: by becoming the Counts of of Quercy, Horik and Hyngwar Rognvaldsson finally fulfilled their dream of becoming landed nobles in their own right, something which was way out reach for them in Vatlia; and thanks to the military prowess of his new vassals King Clovis and his Kingdom was to be delivered from a nigh certain destruction in the War of the Hands of Hallvarður. Thus became the rocky promontory where comital investiture took place known as Montjoie, Mount of Joy, and shortly after that the comital banner gained the same name as well.

To this very day the ancient banner called Montjoie is presented to the Duke of Normandie as well as the Jarl of Normandie during their respective investiture ceremonies. At all other times Montjoie is safely kept in a vault deep in the bowels of Les Jumeaux.

The battle-cry Montjoie les Léopards was first used during the Battle of Narresroux in which the Leopard Legion, the sellsword company of the Leopard Brothers, augmented by knights and men-at-arms provided by King Clovis VII of Franciana, defeated an army from the Kingdom of Vermandois.

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