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Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, Your Viking Majesty, Your Imperial and Royal Highnesses;

Wouldn't it be nice for us of the Imperial Branch of the House of Ettlingar Freyu to have an official record which lists the engagements carried out by us and the other members of the Sovereign Household?

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1 hour ago, High Queen Sigrid said:

Me gusta, I must say, Your Imperial and Royal Highness! In how many newspapers would the Court Circular be published?

I'd say in a prominent newspaper in each Jarldom as well as every Biland. 

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I have come up with a list of prominent Jarldom newspapers in which the Court Circular could be published.


Arbor Isles - Grapevine Gazette
Borgarrike - Rauðbjörnsblaðið 
Eidsivarike - Handelsblaðið
Feyja's Necklace - Brísingamenblaðið
Frigga Islands - Allmóðirblaðið
Frostarike - Sverdblaðið
Gularike - Yfirkonungursblaðið
Haldarsvik - UAI NewsHålogarike - Blóðblaðið
Idunn Isles - Epliblaðið
The Isles -  Jarlshofblaðið
Longships Islands - Pillage Post
Mysterious Isles - Mysterious Morrow
Normandie - Le Chevalier
Old Gaol Isle - Gaoler's Gazette
Orkney - Ísafold
Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations - Ambrosian Herald
Rose Cape - Cape Chronicle
Snæland - Fréttablaðið
Sólareyjar - Paradise Times
Thingeyri - Lilja Chronicle
Thule - Amtstiden
Tiundarike - Handelstidning
Tronderike - Vísir 
Vaan Aujoen - Ieszeitung
Vinland - Far Away Observer


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Here is a list of prominent Biland newspapers in which the Court Circular could be published.


Kingdom of Anglethyr - An Claidheamh Soluis
Kingdom of Bondegard - Avise
Kingdom of Bosworth - Evening Standard
Kingdom of Eesdeheito - The Tartar
Duchy of Gascogne - Le Duc
Duchy of Gascony - Quill and Arrow
Duchy of Guernsey - Heritage
Viceroyalty of High Queen Asa Land - Frozen
Viceroyalty of High Queen Hervör Isle - Queen's Blood Courier
Kingdom of Humlebæk Island - The Bumblebee Bulletin
Duchy of the Jyleyjar - Norðlýsið
Earldom of Lady Gudrun Isle - The Law Lady
Duchy of Los Bananos - El Ducado
Kingdom of Lyngelan - Lynnette
Kingdom of Marthunia - Knightly News
Kingdom of Merlaide - The Sword of Justice
Duchy of Norsmandy - Le Bailliage
Lordship of the Old Sea Fortress - The Sentry
Duchy of Østfold - Viktidinge
Kingdom of Riskai - Cathedral Chronicle
Kingdom of Sangun - Sangun Gorjetsu
County of Sicilia - Giornale di Sicilia
Earldom of the Suðreyjar - Saint Andrews Advertiser
Kingdom of Thydtwinnster - La Chronique de Thydtwinnster


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2 hours ago, High Queen Sigrid said:

Your lists makes me wonder how many newspaper publications Stormark actually has?

Probably hundreds of thousands, given the population size of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms and its Bilander.

Since you are the senior member of the Sovereign Household in the absence of the High King, could you launch a topic for the Court Circular, here in the High King's Private Cabinet? May I suggest that you name it "Fullvalda Hofhâldings Hringlaga" which means "Sovereign Household Circular" in one of the innumerable dialects of the Storish language.

Please? Pretty please? 😁

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