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Lady Gudrun Eriksdottir, the Duchess of Vesteralen

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In the history of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion one of its important (former) members is often overlooked, and that is our dear, beloved and departed Lady Gudrun Eriksdottir, being the Duchess of Vesteralen, and, in Elwynn, a former Countess of Íseirdia-la-Vraulalennir.


Let us reminisce about her life and some important details of it, so we can write a short biography worthy of her grandeur.


For genealogical reasons of the house of Ayreon-Kalirion, I would also like to request some biographical details on her, where she was born, who her parents were, and so on.


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Lady Gudrun belonged to the House of Vanadís-Mardoll, a cadet branch of the House of Vanadís. All of her also was an Archsister of the Daughters of Freyja and has served as Lady Chief Justice of Stormark and as High Justiciar of Stormark.


Yep. And she was born on Freyja's Necklace in Tybjerggård Hall near the city of Freyushavn.

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