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Haute Cour de Normandie

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Haute Cour de Normandie


The Haute Cour de Normandie is since ancient times the legislature of the Duchy of Normandie. The aforesaid legislature only sits once a year for a period of not exceeding three months, unless granted an extension by or convened for an extraordinary session by the Jarl of Normandie or the High King of Stormark in His capacity of Duke of Normandie. It traditionally meets in the age-old fortification which is known as Les Jumeaux which is situated just outside the Royal City of Quimper, the capital of the Twin Peninsula Jarldom.


This legislative body is alsmost as old as the Duchy of Normandie itself. It was established by the Leopard Brothers in the early days of zir reign as as Counts of Quercy as the Þing of the island they held as fief from the King of Franciana. Hailing from Valtia, Horik and Hyngwar Rognvaldsson found it weird that the Isle of Quercy did not have a Þing or similar institution, so shortly after the War of the Hands of Hallvarður had ended, they called the first assembly in the isle's history.


This first Norman Þing was not a deliberative body, and had only an advisory function and confirmation of the count(s), especially in taxation, economics and wars. Members were initially chosen from the more powerful nobles. In subsequent times members of the clergy, and representatives of the towns, peasantry and non-noble knights were added to its ranks.


After the collapse of the Kingdom of Franciana the Haute Cour de Normandie assumed its current name. Over time the assembly grew in power and prestige. Especially during Normandie's days as an autonomous colony of Valtia its powers were greatly expanded by various Charters issued by the Chieftains of Valtia who saw the Haute Cour as a check on, and a counter-balance to, the also growing power of the Dukes of Normandie.


Nowadays the Haute Cour de Normandie is composed of:

  • the comtes of the comtés of the Duchy of Normandie, who are the governors of the Traditional Districts of the Twin Peninsula Jarldom;
  • prominent Knights of Normandie, including the semi-finalists of the latest edition of the Grand Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or;
  • ranking members of the foremost Noble Houses of the Knightly Jarldom;
  • representatives selected by the populations of the Traditional Districts of Normandie;
  • senior clergy of the Église de Normandie and the Église Vanille.

The legislature is known for its splendor and pomp and circumstance, which attracts even several members of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu who are most willing to take part in its ceremonies like its State Opening and State Closure, but is also known for its unruliness and gridlock. This is one of the reasons why the Dukes of Normandie have always held onto their power of decree.

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