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Grand Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or

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The Grand Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or


The Grand Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or, which means "Grand Tourney of the Field of the Cloth of Gold" in the Norman-Walsch tongue, is a knightly tournament which is held annually in the Duchy of Normandie. It is one of the most important tourneys in the High Realm of Stormark, in prestige second only to the Grand Tournament of Southport, which is held annually on the Southport Tournament Grounds which are situated just outside the capital of the aforesaid Providian Heptarchy.


The tourney takes place at Château Laverdure in the deep south of the Knightly Jarldom. Its origins can be traced back to the glamorous and extravagant festivities surrounding the historical meeting between Duke Tristan of Normandie and Duke of Benoît of Loonois, Ministraut, and Finistère which took place in 1220 is known as the Camp du Drap d'Or. The meeting had been arranged to increase the bond of friendship between the two young monarchs following the peace treaty of 1214 between that has become known to history as the Paix des Dames.


Though now for several centuries in the Duchy of Normandie, Château Laverdure and its lands were at the time of the Camp du Drap d'Or regarded as part of Loonois, Ministraut, and Finistère. That was the main reason for that site to be chosen as meeting place for the two Sovereign ducal rulers; being Triple Duchy territory but fully encircled by Normandie rendered it as close to neutral territory as was practicable in those days of yore.


The Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or lasts seven days, with five days allotted to the joust. Besides the joust, the tourney always includes, In accordance with venerable tradition and ancient custom, a melee, an archery contest, an axe-throwing contest, a horse race, and a tourney of singers. Over time the tournament had also become the selection device of the Brotherhood of Leopard Knights, the elite personal guard of the Duke of Normandie, which took the prestige of the tourney even higher, and the knights fought eagerly than ever for the right to wear white leopard skin mantles, which were usually only to be worn by the members of the Ducal Family, quarter their arms with the Ducal Arms of Normandie and guard their liege.


Ever since its inception the Grand Tourney of the Field of the Cloth of Gold several centuries ago, it has been the aim of its organizers throughout time to impress the populace and guests with their opulance. The tournament's splendor has therefore always been beyond breathtaking; the shining armor, the great chargers caparisoned in silver and gold, the cheers of the excited crowd, the silk banners snapping in the wind and, of course, the knights themselves since this ancient tourney attracts the fine fleur of chivalry of Stormark and Reikistjarna including members of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu such as the Lady Chloe Bloodhelm, who out of feelings of properiety does not participate in the Grand Tournament of Southport, and the Storjarla Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir.

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Oooh, I must come by and witness this in all its glory. When are these usually held?


Jarl Ragnar,


Ancient custom decrees that the Grand Tournoi du Camp du Drap d'Or is held from June 14th through the 21st of June.

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