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Les Jumeaux

Les Jumeaux, which means "The Twins" in the Norman-Walsch tongue, is an age-old fortification which is situated just outside the Royal City of Quimper, the capital of the Twin Peninsula Jarldom. The aforesaid fortress serves nowadays as the official residence of the High King of Stormark in His capacity of Duke of Normandie as well as the seat of the Jarl of Normandie, the Jarl of the High Realm who governs the Duchy of Normandie in His Imperial and Royal Majesty's Name and on His behalf. This also the place where the Haute Cour de Normandie, the legislature of the Knightly Jarldom, meets.

This twin castle has played a prominent role in Norman history. It was besieged several times and controlling Les Jumeaux was of paramount importance for maintaining control of the Duchy. From the deep in the Days of Valtia until High King Harald ascended the Leopard Throne, the Ducal Throne of Normandie, a procession would be led from Les Jumeaux to the Abbaye de la Sainte-Trinité de Quimper on the coronation of a Duke. In the absence of the Duke or Jarl the Connétable des Jumeaux is in charge of the castles. This was a powerful and trusted position in the days of yore and still carries tremendous prestige in the Twin Peninsula Jarldom.

According to the ancient Norman chronicle called the Draco Normannicus Les Jumeaux was built by Count Lionel of Normandie. He had moved his capital and seat from Quercy on the isle of the same name to the mainland city of Quimper to be closer to his continental holdings. To Count Lionel the construction of this magnificent double fortress was an excellent way to show off the vast, and still rapidly growing, wealth and power of the Norman rulers from the House of Cáthau caused by innumerable succesful raids as well as the expansion of their domains. He also required a stronghold against the restlessness of the huge and brutal populace of the City of Quimper as well as his perennially unruly and treacherous vassals down south.

The structure consists of two massive castles which are, aside from a road, connected with each other by a maze of underground tunnels called wormwalks or wormways. which allow people to move in a quick and safe manner between the castles especially when the weather is bad, at night, or in times of war or other danger. Les Jumeaux is a strong castle which has never been taken by either siege or storm and has served its owners throughout times, the Dukes of Normandie, very well, being one of the factors which allowed the House of Cáthau to hold onto the Leopard Throne for millenia.

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