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[Petition] House of Ayreon-Kalirion

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Your Imperial and Royal Majesties
Lords and Ladies Most High at the Conference of Vanadisarhall

May it please you to accept this humble petition of mine to establish the House of Ayreon-Kalirion as a House of the High Realm.

I am born into the house of Ayreon-Kalirion, a foreign house in this High Realm. It is descended from the first Kaiser of Shireroth, His Niftiness Kaiser Raynor I, in one line (Kalirion) and through His Imperial Majesty Rashid Shahanshah Arsalani, Shahanshah of Babkha (and who also ascended to the Kaisership of Shireroth as Kaiser Ayreon I, became the first Emir of Sathrati, and was Prince of Hurmu).

The house has ruled Shireroth three times, and is currently the ruling house there. It has ruled Elwynn and Hurmu for much of their history.

The son of His Imperial and Royal Majesty the High King is a member of the house (as well as of Ettlingar Freyu), through his marriage to my late mother. Their two twins are also members of the house.

Ayreon-Kalirion is respected house fulfilling all criteria for being a house of grandeur, sofistication and nobility.

Given that so many Storishmen are members of this foreign house and that they all remain loyal citizens of this great and noble High Realm of Joy, it would, in my low and humble opinion, be no more than fitting that this House would be accepted into the High Realm and found a home, not only in Shireroth, Elwynn or Natopia, but here, in this beautiful land as well. As we sing in the national anthem, Stormark is and "will always be, my home eternally".

That is also the wish of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion.

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