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Presidential note to the Storish government

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Your Majesty, Your Highnesses


After reading your reaction on my announcement concerning my departure from the Republic of Flanders, I thought it appropriate to convey my thank you in person for your friendly words. I cannot exclude the possibility that I will once return, but for now I need to distance myself from the Republic if there ever has to be a chance of me regaining interest in Flemish politics.


As Always, I wish the High Kingdom the best of luck in the future.

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The High Realm of Stormark

Note of Response by the High Justiciar of Stormark

Your Excellency,

How am I pleased to be able to welcome you once again to the Lands of the Longships Throne!

Permit me to say that the Imperial Government of Stormark fondly remembers Your Excellency's tenure as Flemish Ambassador to the Twenty-Six Jarldoms during which you succesfully re-established the long-lost relationship between the High Realm of Stormark and the Republic of Flanders and superabundantly contributed to bringing them to the present stellarly-well level.

Pray be adviced that the Imperial Conference at the Vanadísarhall is deeply saddened by you, a great statesman and Mr. Flanders, leaving Flanders and micronationalism, and especially because of the whys and wherefores of your departure: countless unwarranted attacks on your personal integrity as well as the other continuous trolling and vitriol directed towards you.

Allow me to finish with wishing Your Excellency the best with regard to your future endeavours as well as expressing the hope that you one day shall return to the Flemish Republic and micronational world-at-large.

Yours Truly,

Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís,

Bloodroyal and Ærkejarla of Freyja's Necklace,

Royal Chieftainess of Skálavík,

High Justiciar of Stormark.

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Mr. Brunnketilsson, I'm afraid that my life is too much interwoven with the Republic of Flanders to move to another country. In that case it would be too tempting to check up on and meddle with Flanders all the time, while it's exactly the point for me to create some distance.

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