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Arms of the Heartland beyond the Seas

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Your Grace,


I hereby present you with the Arms of the Jarldom of Hålogarike. You may find it in the post below.

  • The skull with the helmet represents Hålogarike's past as a den of vice which teemed with pirates and raiders;
  • The battle-axes represent the several elite warrior brotherhoods which existed in the area that nowadays encompasses the Jarldom of Hålogarike such as the Brotherhood of Bodøgård and the Wayward Watch;
  • The colour gold symbolizes the riches which the pirates, raiders and the elite warrior brotherhoods amassed with their activities;
  • The colour red symbolizes all the blood which was shed in Hålogarike's turbulent past.

On the motto scroll below the Arms there is written the motto of the Jarldom of Hålogarike: "Mais si tu ne perds pas la foi, tu trouveras la voie".

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