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  1. Well, that's what happens when your Emperor insists on living up to his sobriquet. (I actually forgot to include Count of Malisko...) Great job!
  2. I found my own arms as authorized by HMIM and produced by the King of Sangun, which includes the correct crown: http://z9.invisionfree.com/stormark/index.php?showtopic=630
  3. Ok, let's see if I can give you a better idea of what I'd like on mine... HIMH Crown Prince Thorfinn Imperial Prince of Helgoland Prince of Drangetoft Earl of Orkney Earl of More Stormarksgothi - the Earldoms may be combined if it looks better, "Earl of Orkney and More" I'd like to have a Thor's hammer incorporated...(religious symbol). Here's an example: Perhaps incorporate the Imperial Arms with additions as granted me by HMIM: http://z9.invisionfree.com/stormark/index.php?showtopic=616 You're doing a great job on these.
  4. I would also like to welcome you to Stormark, on behalf of the Wyrd of Midgard Hof, where we honor the Aesir and the Vanir, the gods of the ancient Norse. I welcome new activity in the spiritual life of Stormark and I expect that your temple will be a welcome addition.
  5. ? Uh, that sounds like it has something to do with the rapper (formerly known as) MC Hammer...
  6. Thorfinn


    Uh, I'm not sure what you're trying to say... I'm not saying that setting up clans should be a first-priority, or that important things should be shoved aside. I'm not even saying we SHOULD set up clans...but it's worth discussing further.
  7. Thorfinn


    The clan idea was brought up and discussed...but nothing's been done with it... That shouldn't necessarily stop you from setting up a Crandish clan or clan system, but until there's a Stormark-wide clan system, you'd be on your own... Maybe it's time to revisit the idea and consider it in greater Stormark.
  8. You could have it ahead of time...had I written it. However, I have a tendency to write somewhat extemporaneously, which makes a pre-release impossible. At this point, it is unlikely I could have anything ready before tomorrow.
  9. Hmm, I guess I'd better get to work on it. Seems that expectations will be hard to meet!
  10. Why the hell would anyone WANT 2 wives? I mean, I like women and all (quite a bit actually ), but...I can't imagine what I'd want with 2... well, I guess maybe one thing... (though I personally am not really into that) (uh, to clarify...not really into that with...multiple people ) The past lives thing is interesting...really amazing to me that anyone would BELIEVE it...not that I'm completely against the idea of reincarnation...but...to marry someone because they claim you were married in a previous life?
  11. Exactly. Bush can't EVER admit he's made a mistake, but the pressure was too high for nothing to happen...so they sacrificed Brown. I highly doubt that the 'official' story of his voluntarily resigning...with no pressure from...oh, say...Karl Rove...is true.
  12. Links to Asatru and Heathen organizations and information: The Troth Irminsul Aettir Hrafnar Hammer of Thor Kindred Asatru-U Wodens Harrow Frigga's Web Heathens Against Hate
  13. September 9th is the day that modern Asatruar honor Hermann the Cheruscan, a Germanic heathen who liberated Germania from the Romans. Herman The Cheruscan by Kveldulf Hagan Gundarsson The earliest historical hero of the folk of whom we know, Hermann the Cheruscan lived in the early part of the first century C.E. when the Romans were threatening to overwhelm Germania. Ironically, we know of him largely through the writings of the Roman historian Tacitus (Annals I and II), who called him "Arminius," a name usually taken as the Latinized form of Hermann. He is best known as the leader
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