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  1. I love the interesting anachronism of having a modern constitutional monarchy having the political culture of 12th century Medieval Romances!
  2. Huzzah! What was that about forum merges being supposed to increase activity?
  3. I thank Her Highness Lady Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís, High Justiciar of the High Realm of Stormark and His Excellency Herr Goltz, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Ashkenatza, for their thoroughness in this matter. The treaty shall be submitted to a resolution of the Knesset as soon as possible.
  4. Is this part of your in-sim history, or was Valtian an old micronation whose' existence you have worked into your sim history? I find the whole question of historiography in micronationalism pretty interesting - to what extent you acknowledge the existence of nations before you and how you let them influence your sim-world, or whether you just pretend they never existed and write your own sim-history. ...Incidentally I wonder what Stormark thinks about the whole 'The Green' concept I came up with and spoke about on Antican Roundtable a while ago - I would imagine that it explains why many
  5. As MoFA of Ashkenatza, this looks fine to me - I'll run it past Nohsi Gambetta, but I don't think he'll have a problem with it (...and if he does I'll know about it by a cabinet reshuffle in the very near future lol).
  6. Ah! A picture thread! I've been doing one of these in Ashkenatza for ages now - they're a great way to get a significant contribution to cultural work done when you don't have much time. (Sorry I just realised I turned this into a conversation - I'll edit it and add a picture if you want?)
  7. Huzzah! I thank the deputy foreign minister for initiating these talks! (A very...ah...interesting seal there, by the way)
  8. Great stuff! It feels like I'm using a proper forum now lol!
  9. I thank you for your acceptance of this gift, your majesty!
  10. Hello all, I can't appear to DO anything on my profile! I can't use the PM system nor even search or use the new posts thing! Heeelppp!!
  11. Scandinavia: Enviable success in almost every social and economic indicator, flat packed furniture, addictive well written crime thrillers and herring Baltic states: Introspection, awful chocolate, beautiful little medieval cities, grim soviet educational establishments and a diet filled with too many fish Germany: Absurdly scholarly, stormy and romanticist, little castle towns with weird creepy medieval legends, weird black wood furniture, possibly the best food in the world and nudism Brazil: Liberated and immensely active sexual culture, spicy tender meat, campness, partying and partying
  12. Your imperial highness, members of the court, people of Stormark. It saddens me to say that this is my first voyage as Nohsi to this Nordic jewel, your land, the high realm of Stormark. The hothouse of international politics in Benacia, Keltia and Eura have kept the eternal maroon republic far too distant from its' friends, but we feel - we know - that this will change in due course. We are set to be very close friends in the very near future. I hope this will be the first of many such visits to Stormark from the Nohsi of the Republic, whomever he or she may be - ballots willing, I will on
  13. * The assembled party clap as the newlyweds walk down the aisle, beaming * "Huzzah!"
  14. I thank you, m'lady. The voyage was pleasurable, although I am severely jetlagged, as you can appreciate! I have, thankfully, managed to refresh myself before arriving here! These are my escorts * gestures towards two Ruzhin palace guards and a gaggle of diplomats and advisors *. I must say, your other guests and your good self look especially radiant today - I can only boast the sash of my office and silk tie! In any case, I trust all have arrived now?
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