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  1. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/micronationalism/message/1169
  2. You know you've been around too long when you see bananas humping and can only think of a certain political situation from years ago...
  3. Ignatia heard her name mention, and stepped forward: "I am here Lady Aoife, I've just forgotten how to behave around diplomats rather then soldiers. This is certainly a welcome diversion!" She thought about how it certainly was better then the last one she went too. The bridesmaids carried guns at that one... (ooc: I did mention her! I would have posted under that sim-id too, only the account does not seem to work)
  4. My Lady, I thank you for your complement. Means a lot from someone as well dressed as yourself. Good to be back, and good to see an old friend still around.
  5. While the Duke of Hallvanger attends the royal wedding, 3 men arrive at the hotel. The tallest, a Maroon with in a fur coat approaches the front desk, leans casually against it and smoothly tells the receptionist, "I'm looking for a bed...a big bed, and perhaps some...room service?" Up stepped pale man in a blue uniform, carrying a number of wands. "Ignore him. We're here to prepare the suite for His Grace the Duke of Hallvanger. It should already have been booked." Shortly, after documents were checked, the men were on their way upstairs. 'Gods, do you have to be like that?'
  6. The Duke of Hallvanger, soon to be crowned as Count of Schlangen, arrives, escorted by his cousin, Ignatia, and three of her guards. He wears the uniform of the Irish Brigade*, with the badges of the orders of Slepnier and the Two Silver Longships, while she wear robes of red and golden brown over her red-brown uniform. To Ignatia, he whispers "Is he who I think He is? Edgar? Not seen him in donkeys!" "Yes, I recall you were on good terms with him." "Were?" "There was a war. Arminy. Over land issues." "Oh dear. I do hope he's not going to be angry at me over that..." *http://fr
  7. Unna, that will be perfect! Daniel, I thought the name sounded familiar...ah, old memories...
  8. I'm sorely tempted, but I do need to stick to one thing at a time...I've managed to go 5 years without falling back in to micronations and I want to avoid getting too addicted again. But I will visit. The home I'm looking at getting in Shireroth is in the tropics, and I cannot handle that sort of heat, so I'll need a northern place to cool down! (Can anyone recommend a hotel I can get a long term room or two from please?)
  9. Good morning! Indeed I did write the National Anthem...and here is the tune I wrote it to.
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