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  1. It's basically what I said. He liked to use "bear" in pet nicknames for people.
  2. Does she? I'll have to ask. I know daddy used to call me his moogie bear. Maybe he was all original and called her something cutesy with the word bear in it, too.
  3. Yes, sir. She made sure he understood what it meant for me to come over there.
  4. She's told Uncle Eddie that he cant give me more than one job there - and it has to be something kind of noobish. He claims to have the perfect thing. I'm really gonna do kind of the same thing mommy used to do - being a generally awesome pain in the rump toward one and all. I'm just not allowed to use swear words like she did. lolz
  5. I don't really know enough about Alexandria. Uncle Eddie is doing his best to honor my mom by giving me a way in. I'll just have to do my best to inject myself into life there and try to fill the place my mom once held. . . being awesome and telling people off with colorful verbosity. I think I got this.
  6. I've had the idea in my head for a little while now. For some reason, everyone expects me to become a doctor or research scientist. That kind of thing seems too boring. I want a career that involves a lot of travel, and I love being on the ocean. And aquatic mammals like cetaceans really appeal to me. But I might change my mind later down the road - you never know.
  7. LOL It is my current dream to become a cetacean biologist.
  8. You will NEVER be done with the tackle of hugs from Chloe! Prepare to be glomped into a coma!!
  9. - Chloe's face lights up as she sees the Alexandrian Emperor and his entourage. She lets go of her aunt's hand, and makes a run for the small group, followed closely by an alert Lars. She opens her arms, and lets out a little squee of joy as she comes in for a hugging tackle of amazingly adorable proportions. - UNCLE EDDIE!!!! - Before anyone can properly react, Chloe has forgotten all types of protocols and glomped the Emperor of the Alexandrians. - Do you remember me??? It's been a long time, but maybe I look a bit like mommy. It's me, Chloe!! I want hugs!!
  10. I like this a lot. It was very well thought-out and the history behind the various aspects is just beautiful. I do have a couple of minor things to mention. First off, with regards to the section about the mosque. "Ghazi" is actually not a name, but an additional title for a great warrior. My father's name (so far as Babkha, etc was concerned) was actually Muhammad al-Baqir. The other thing is - Nostalgia Hall? If that was built for my mother, would such a gift not pass down to her daughter? Because, Chloe might really like that!!
  11. I don't know who manages my college fund now. All I know is it's some Jewish guy. And I will give my thoughts on that right away, Uncle.
  12. - The young Lady Chloe, wearing a soft pink dress trimmed in lace, stays close to her Aunt Aoife, holding hands and not wanting to stray too far. She begins to feel slightly overwhelmed by the crowds, and moves closer to her aunt. Sensing the discomfort, Lars, the chief of the Vanguard, makes a motion toward his Lady, with the intention of stemming people away from her. Seeing this, Chloe makes eye contact with Lars, and waves him off. He bows slightly and consents with the unspoken command, returning to his place. Chloe looks up and smiles softly at her aunt. - He's sort of protectiv
  13. Let me make sure I got this straight. You want to send me out with an adorable little girl who is likely a sociopath, And who also possesses the skill set of an adept assassin. That about sum it up? She better stay in front of me the whole time.
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