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  1. w00t! I'm the only Thane
  2. It will make us look authentic, so... I approve of it
  3. Oh yes. Could also use someone who is competent and has the skills to lead the state out of recession. Honestly, all this talk of recession throughout the U.S. has no impact on Michigan, do you want to know why? Because while all these states enjoyed economic stability, Michigan was enduring a one-state recession now for the past 2 years. GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM devastated Michigan. I mean, i honestly don't feel the economy any different because Michiganders have been restraining their spending since she got re-elected. She promises but never upholds, and now that our entire country
  4. I'm actually not at all interested in becoming POTUS. Thats my brother lol. The next office i would seek (if any) after that would be Governor of Michigan because our current Governor has driven the state to, pardon my french, Shit.
  5. I am studying to become an Attorney. Mainly dealing with Bankruptcy, Corporate and Business Law. In the future... Senator Carrillo (R-MI).
  6. Indeed. Its good to have you back!
  7. Census Form Name: Gudhsten Patreksson Age: 19 Residence: Frigga Is/Thorfinnsborg/Rangarvalla, Treisenberg
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