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  1. Your Imperial Majesty: You are indeed, mosty talented! I am very grateful for the sig that you have designed me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  2. Duke of Rangarvalla Knight of the Lightning Sword Knight of Odin Colonel-General of the Army Head of the Imperial Academy Imperial Governor of Frigga Island -- just those s'il vous plait. - lol if they fit. I trust your judgement, dearest empress.
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  4. Dearest Empress: I am most glad to see that Her Most Imperial Majesty, now has her own Private Cabinet! (Cheers to that! ) I am here to formally request, Her Most Imperial Majesty to create a graphic request since, Her Most Imperial Majesty is very talented in that area. respectfully,
  5. I love the Huns, they were awesome, dont mess with them! Its truly an awesome painting. Where did you get it, your Imperial Majesty?
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