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  1. I was trying to make an account for Prince Daniel just now, so I could try and open up relations between Safiria and Stormark, but every email address I put in (one on a Google Apps domain, two on Gmail itself, one on GMX) was rejected, saying the community doesn't accept that email address. I guess I could use Imaia for that, though. Speaking of, could you please change this account's display name back to Imaia Vauqi?
  2. I still have yet to receive a representative from Stormark.
  3. Come pay me a visit at work and we'll hammer something out
  4. Unsurprising, since Old Norse and English are both Germanic languages. But pretty cool nonetheless.
  5. Am I still a citizen of Stormark or?
  6. Also also also, large avatars (at least 200px ones) stretch outside the post sidebar.
  7. Also also, I still can't search. And when I try to change my avatar, instead it doesn't.
  8. Also can I get my display name changed back to Amelda Ðelenielsdóttir, please?
  9. Apparently I was thrown into the Pit of Validation because "security measures".
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