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  1. With actual works of art you'll have no issue as that is just what they are - works of art. Concerning photographs, unless you raise up Johnny Cochrain, it is hard to argue. You just have to be careful to ensure that they're actual paintings or drawings and so on.
  2. Though I am not a lawyer, I urge all Stormarkers to exercise extreme caution when uploading images to the StorWiki. Dr.Spangle, who hosts the wiki, utilizes BlueHost - they prohibit pornographic images in their Terms of Service. Now, I realize that in the context that you're using it, dubbing it "pornography" enters into the realm of ambiguity, personal opinion and tolerance. At the same time, you will have to argue your point of view in an American court. The thing is, in the United States, the images would be considered pornographic because they're not art. I realize the Storish views on the
  3. nick


    Excellent, you're also welcome to the large inventory of Dverghallen Næringer.
  4. nick


    Greetings! Seeing as there is a new company in Normark based around aerospace, I thought I'd stop by. Malinovskiy i Gaïshin Aeronatika AS (Cerulean in origin, and therefor uses the Ukrainian language) has thus far produced three top quality aircraft designs, a multi-role fighter, an ultra-high altitude surveillance aircraft and an unmanned drone design. Full specs can be found here. Seeing as there is such a good rapport between Stormark and Normark, a (large) discount from the given prices will apply.
  5. nick


    The Norse calendar works on the principle of 2 real-time days per year. So, if we pick 2003, 2011 - 2003 = 8 8 * 365 = 2920 2920 / 2 = 1460 1460 - 263 (Current Norse calendar year) = 1197 BCE My reign began on 0 CE so basically 1197 years before my reign during the reign of my ancestor Álarr the Second. And your suggestion sounds quite good, I will mention it to His Grace.
  6. Out of curiosity, does Stormark follow it's own version of a creation myth? That is, does it stray from the original tale in the Eddas of Aska and Embla? Normark has done much the same, so I am merely curious.
  7. nick


    All very interesting ideas and honestly there is no logical reason we cannot do both (seeing as this isn't a contest for best idea). As for the Knights of the Warhammer, My Lady, I do like the idea but I will have to run the idea by His Grace, Earl Ryan of the Forneys, Grand Master of the Order. Your Royal Highess, High King, is there a particular period of time in which this happened which we could relate to our own pre-history timeline?
  8. As an amateur scholar of Nordic cultures and linguistics, I might as well weigh in. The mishmash might be in homage to the wide range of cultural influences in Stormark. I mean, let's face it, although Scandinavian culture is semi-homogeneous, there are indeed subtle and even major differences between the countries and even regions within the countries. This is most apparent in the dialects, especially in Norway. I can read and speak standard Bokmål with relative ease and fluency, while some dialects from the central regions of Norway absolutely baffle me, especially Trøndersk. Norwegian diale
  9. nick


    Normark and Stormark have relatively similar cultures. Normark tends to lean more towards the mountains and forest aspect of the wider Nordic culture, but there are still many similarities. Enough to warrant that our commonalities should be made more concrete. Does anyone have any suggestions for perhaps a common saga in which Normark and Stormark could share?
  10. nick


    Thank you all. I'd like to point out that our suffix of -mark comes from the corruption of the Old Norse word mörk, meaning 'forest'. This makes our name roughly translate to 'northern forest', with our culture being that of wild sub-arctic forest and mountain men. As for how the Grand Kingdom fairs, we're fairing well. New sagas are "discovered" fairly often.
  11. nick


    That is always good. I'm glad to see that the images are well liked! I am soon to be entering my 300th year of reign as Grand King of Normark.
  12. nick


    Greetings, 'tis I, Johann I of Normark. Having done a fair amount of graphical work for Stormark, I thought I would pay a visit. How does the High Realm fair these days?
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