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  1. Thank you Your Imperial Majesty. Ill go register an account with my new viking name.
  2. Germinazation eh? Sounds very interesting. I myself have a bit of German blood on my mothers side.
  3. Imperial Cousin, I would like to become a citizen of this great micronation. Seeing as I spend just as much time in Stormark as Landingberg. God Bless, -His Imperial Majesty the Grand Czar Tyler-Alexander I
  4. Goodbye your Highness and my close friend. Fare thee well. -H.I.M. the Grand Czar Tyler-Alexander I
  5. Indeed... but things have become most unenjoyable. Emperor Edgard II seems to support the Rebellion. Including have hit one of my ships with a torpedo! I must admit... I am deeply confused my dear friend.
  6. My, my... things are getting weird. They have called the Archduchess a traitor!
  7. Your Imperial Majesty a message from her Highness: Please hurry Imperial Cousin conditions are worsening!
  8. As I said I am at war with the provisional government and not the crown of Lichtenbad or the Prime Minister or loyal people. Things have been weird in Lichtenbad today...
  9. War has been waged upon the Landish Crown by the so called "provisional government" of Lichtenbad.! I ask that you please help Landingberg.
  10. I guess I get out frustration that way. so it leaves me happy and hyper!
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