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  1. Thankyou your Excelency for you visit. you can visit the province of Kasdim, if you like i have a house out there which you could stay in. Dbeth thumno
  2. You are most welcome on our forums, please visit us some time. dbeth thumno
  3. Greeting's people of Stormark I am dbeth thumno from matbaa (minister of defence) i bring you a case of yaksmatch our national drink. we wish matbaa and Stormark to build a close relationship and good communication, you are most welcomed then to our forums. I understand you Know the zatriarch of matbaa, who has contacted your nation. thanks and greetings from matbaa dbeth thumno
  4. Dear People Of Stormark I am Dbeth Thumno (minister of defence And commander of the 1st and 2nd armored tank divison in matbaa ) i am here to discuss the posibility of buying some concrette please if possible name your price or we can possibly arrange a bussness deal!! thanks debeth thumno
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