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  1. I, Katrín Knutsdottir, a Citizen of Stormark, have come to claim my seat in the Althing, and that I do hereby solemly affirm that I am a Citizen in good standing, that I will faithfully observe and uphold the Laws of the Viking Empire of Stormark, to the best of my ability, at all times. I do hereby solemnly affirm that I shall uphold the traditions and guidances which have been placed in my care, and that I will always bear true faith and allegiance to His Imperial Majesty Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Sovereign Viking Emperor and to His lawful heirs and successsors, and that I t
  2. Definatley Genesis. Its like... wow. I cant describe it. Its like Lord of the rings, but real Then again, the WHOLE bible is one fantastic saga. Its incredible to think that everything stated actually happened. And is still happening. That we are part of the story.
  3. Seventh-Day Adventist? Not heard of this. I am a proud Christian, supposedly protestant, and there is another name for my religion. i always get it mixed up, wether i am evangelical or what not. i get told and forget. But i dont care. I love Jesus and God and to me, thats all that matters. I act on my faith. Labels dont really matter to me.
  4. Wow,l there are a lot of opinions here. On every subject but one, GalliusPuccisCamillus, i couldnt agree with you more. However, i disagree strongly about the death penatly. I do not believe that anyone has the right to remove someone elses life. And if its 'compensation' for the victims family, then isnt that murder in itself? Which of course, is terribly hypocritical.
  5. I remember being told that in Sunday School. It always made me full of respect for Solomon.
  6. Wow, he didnt rule for very long! This surprises me greatly! Its amazing that someone in power for such a small amount of time made such a huge difference. Although, because there were so many fights and plots in those days, no king was safe for long.
  7. Thats what they worry about. Thats why they split men and women, but, they are now faced with the problem of not being able to seperate men. I personally dont think it matters, because they cant stop it, and it doesnt stop or harm anything.
  8. Even in england still there is discrimination against gay people in the army. I believe though, that it is more the case that they dont want frolloking in the ranks.
  9. Thats truly shocking. How utterly ridiculous!
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