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  1. Your Imperial Highness As Ambassador, Prince or First Minister, I have always shown due respect to you and His Imperial Sovereign Emperor. No matter how distasteful Paulovian foreign policy may be to you personally, as Stormark's Foreign Minister I had hoped for a more restrained and focused response. Personal remarks are not acceptable, even from an Empress. Paulovia has never hidden the fact that many positions are held by one person. However, past and recent micronational events have shown multi-citizen activity levels in micronations as no guarantor of a workable nation,
  2. Your Holiness I am sure a theocratic mandate over the Legacy Gotzborg lands would be acceptable to the RPGvt (and in time the Paulovia Greek Orthodox Church), given certain assurances and legal rights are made for the Gotzborg and Anthelian peoples, religious tolerance, cross-border commerce and Paulovian security. The RPGvt would welcome further discussions on this matter as a practicable and peaceful solution to the demise of Gotzborg and the current uncertainty and chaos. Respectfully
  3. Your Imperial Sovereign Viking Majesty The Kingdom of Paulovia has enjoyed peaceful relations with Stormark and Alexandria in the past and it is His Majesty's earnest desire to re-establish our relationships on this basis. However, we appreciate that our actions regarding the legacy territories of Gotzborg, and the critical situation with Gotzborg on the annexation of Anthelia prior to this, have badly damaged our standing with the world community and importantly, our relationships with Stormark and Alexandria. These wounds are too fresh to allo
  4. Your Imperial Majesty His Majesty thanks you for your greeting and for your courageous and helpful stance taken during recent diplomatic negotiations. We look forward to closer ties in the future. On a private note, I look forward to a beer or two whilst I'm here during which I will toast your health! Respectfully
  5. Your Imperial Majesty, It is a great pleasure to be in Stormark once again - it has been too long! I am here today to convey gratitude for the titles bestwowed upon His Majesty King Paul and Her Serene Highness Queen Andriana, by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor. HRM considers this generous act to be yet a further indication of the close relationship which has developed between Stormark and Paulovia since becoming signatories to our Recognition Treaty in January. HRM also wishes to thank the Emperor for recent developments and agreement between our two governments, which a
  6. Your Imperial Majesty As the appointed representative of HRH Prince Paul and the people of Paulovia, I hereby set my signature and seal to the Treaty of Recognition and Friendship between our two peoples. Long Live Stormark! Long Live Paulovia! Let us celebrate! TREATY OF RECOGNITION AND FRIENDSHIP Between The Sovereign Principality of Paulovia and Commonwealth and The Viking Empire of Stormark We the Undersigned: 1. RECOGNISE that mutual recognition and respect is the essential foundation on which relations between two nations are built; 2.
  7. Your Imperial Majesty Nobles, warriors and distinguished Stormarkians all, thank you for your welcome. Further to our discussions I have a draft treaty which I now present to Your Imperial Majesty. If it pleases you, I am empowered to add my signature on behalf of HRH Prince Paul and the Royal Government of Paulovia. I take my leave Your Majesty, and look forward to your reply. H.E. Philip James Ambassador for Paulovia DRAFT TEXT: TREATY OF RECOGNITION AND FRIENDSHIP Between The Sovereign Principality of Paulovia and Commonwealth and The Viking Empire
  8. Your Imperial Majesty Once again your welcome is that of a brother and this gladdens my sovereign's heart. Thank you for your quick response to our request for a treaty. Do you have a preferred format, or would you prefer our government to present a draft treaty? Respectfully, His Excellency Philip James Ambassador for Paulovia
  9. Your Imperial Majesty Now we have declared our friendship and drunk as brothers around the fire, would it be too presumptious to broach the subject of a formal Treaty of Recognition and Friendship? Forgive the speed at which I have put this to Your Majesty, but Prince Paul is most desirous of having strong support for our MCS claim in four weeks time. Your public recognition will add weight to our position, as I am sure you can appreciate. I await your reply at your leisure, Your Majesty. H.E. Philip James Ambassador for Paulovia
  10. Your Imperial Majesty I bring greetings from His Royal Highness Prince Paul, and the people of Paulovia. Your gracious visit to the Paulovian forum, and that of your Imperial Chancellor, were greatly appreciated. By your invitation we have come here today to honour Your Majesty. Please accept this small gift of a case of our finest Paulovian organic Cognac so we may drink a toast to one another and declare our friendship! Long Live the Emperor! Long Live Stormark! Long Live Prince Paul Long Live Paulovia! Respectfully His Excellency Philip James Ambassador
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