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  1. Register with their support ticket system and send them a ticket and they'll reactivate your account. They SHOULD, as they did it for me today. http://byethost.com/contact
  2. I know, its pissing me off because I cannot even log in to get my own stuff
  3. Not any problems like this. Being suspended for some questionable spam is within their rights and I am glad they're vigilant in stopping that material, trust me. What it MAY be is if there weren't any visitors to your site in a while (month or so or more), they'll deactivate the account so that it doesn't suck up resources. I'll see if I cannot handle it. @Daniel, could you please PM me the hosting login details? I am not at a computer where I have access to the PDF I sent you.
  4. My main question is, how on earth was the forum/website deleted?
  5. My lord I am so sorry for being so inactive, I've been trying to a zillion things at once. Name: Náin, Son of Dáin Age: Old Residence: Wandering Wizard House: none. I'll see about picking up my activity here, I just need to get some other things sorted out.
  6. Blaaaaargh! Hmmm. I'll see about uploading it to somewhere else when I get to my laptop. Right now I am warming up about to go back outside and get some work done.
  7. Einhorn


    I have an FN-FAL and a 12 gauge lol. People knew it so my door wasn't knocked on unless I knew them.
  8. Einhorn


    I'll be honest, last winter brought about Mad Max times in my neighborhood. 3 feet of snow every week and then now power? It became mildly lawless until some state troopers rolled in in SUVs then it stopped. Red Cross brought in fuel and stuff, it was a really insane winter.
  9. Einhorn


    Oh sure, this last winter I was without power for a week. I just use them to keep the fridge and laundry going. I'll run the TV if I am not doing laundry though.
  10. Einhorn


    LOL no I pay for juice. Though I do have a few 110V generators.
  11. Einhorn


    Ja, although I technically don't own it. A local petroleum company does and they let me take off of it. Naturally they pipe the rest of the gas to themselves, dry it and sell it to the PSD. The difference is is that I get raw gas which is pretty high in sulfur and always pretty humid.
  12. Einhorn


    Ja, it's heavily taxed because it is technically a petroleum product and is usually imported into the state because there are very few remaining gas wells left here. I live not 2 miles from an Oil Refinery so petroleum production is a big issue here.
  13. Einhorn


    Ja that is way to much. Which is sad because quite a few universities have developed viable and economic Coal To Gas technologies *shrug*
  14. Einhorn


    Public Service Department gas is dry as a bone, but I can't afford 4,000 a year to heat my home, heat water and run my stove. By allowing a well on my property I've managed to get free gas, but it's really low quality.
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