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  1. Imperial Cousin, You have my most sincere thanks.
  2. Imperial Cousin, With regards to your fiefdom the County of Wintergleam, in the Duchy of Elwynn, it is now necessary for you to register a bank account if your erb is to count (pardon the pun) towards the weighted vote of the Duchy in the Landsraad. It would be greatly appreciated if you could render this assistance to your Duke. My thanks in anticipation. His Imperial Highness Ardashir Khan Osmani By the Kharenah of Zurvan, Khan of Vijayanagara, Emir of Raspur, Grand Vizier of the Kingdom of Babkha, Steward of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, Duke of Elwynn, Qadi &
  3. I should clarify - it was not a coup but rather a revolt by Woodstania's only other citizen in the wake of a fairly disasterous war against Eorltheod.
  4. After the War of Jeremy's Nose I believe he might be listed as 'doubtful'.
  5. Certainly, although the Emir of Vey is currently cruising around the Baltic in search of cheap beer (by Scandinavian standards).
  6. We have been notified although not by the expected channels. In any event - Senator Osmani, present.
  7. It is a sad day but if the Chairman feels that it is necessary then he has my full support.
  8. Somewhere by a lake away from the capital, perhaps called the Hall of Tranquility.
  9. I have every confidence that Babkha would welcome the restoration of the ancient (well in micronational terms) and fraternal bonds between itself and Hurmu. His Imperial Majesty Shahanshah Rashid is after all a noble lord and wise sovereign to both our realms.
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