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  1. Thank you for being so understanding.
  2. A message concerning the matter of succession to the Batavian Throne has been sent to the Lagerhuis.
  3. Your Excellency, I will immediately travel to Batavia to contact the Lagerhuis concerning this very sad matter.
  4. * Kisses her husband-to-be. * Hello Darling! I have kept you waiting a bit, haven't I?
  5. Viking Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda extends her hand to Emeritus Crown Prince Thorfinn. "Pleased to meet you, Your Most Imperial and Most Royal Highness. Uncle Harald has told me a lot about you and the many things you have done for Stormark."
  6. Empress Sigrid and Lady Aoife, Could you tell us what it is like to undergo a Brísingamen Ceremony?
  7. I would assume, in accordance with the tradition set by uncle Harald, two Viking names. They would in my case both start with F resulting in the initials FF.
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