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  1. Lady Law Speaker, Let it be known throughout the Lands of Stormark that; I, Björn Ironfist, a Citizen of Stormark, have come to claim my seat in the Althing, and that I do hereby solemnly affirm that I am a Citizen of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire in good standing, that I shall faithfully observe and uphold the Laws of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, to the best of my ability, at all times. I do hereby solemnly affirm that I shall uphold the traditions and guidances which have been placed in my care, and that I shall always bear true faith and allegiance to
  2. Thank you kindly. I have stated our support for this in the forum. I am enjoying this very much...I represent the finest and most awesome nation in all of Micras!! Suck on some-a that, rest of the micro-world!!!
  3. My Lady, There is an ongoing discussion in the SC right now regarding a potential location for the Headquarters of the organization. Here is the thread: HQ of The SC I have read through all the posts, and am of the opinion that Tymaria City would be a keen location for the SC's base of operations. I humbly request permission to place Stormark's backing of this location as the Headquarters of the Small Commonwealth.
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