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  1. Lord Senator, Thankyou for your kind words and warm welcome. It is my sincere hope that Stormark and Ravaria can stand as strong allies together as we move into the future. Anne-Marie R.
  2. Your Imperial Majesty, Royal Cousin, It is in my official capacity of Head of State that I come before you today but also as a friend. You have been so dear, such a supporter and you have my absolute respect and loyalty. It is therefore my great honour to bestow upon you, the Most Ancient Order of the Stag in the rank of a Knight Grand Companion. This is a symbol not only of continued admiration and friendship but also as a symbol of a new relationship with the Empire of Stormark as we press forward with, I hope, formal diplomatic relations. The Letters Patent can be found here; http
  3. A warm greeting to you all, dear friends of Stormark! I have finally secured a reliable internet connection which means I am now able to visit Stormark once again. As well as my work here in the Empire, I would also like to announce that I have formally taken up permanent residence in my own realm, the Kingdom of Ravaria. You are all of course most welcome to visit me there and I hope that as time progresses, Ravaria and Stormark will become great allies! Yours ever, Anne-Marie
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