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  1. From 's Koningenwaarde: greetings! On behalf of all Batavians may I congratulate you on the eleven-year existence of your country. Despite the current political situation, we consider you as a friend and have respect for your culture. Your culture a great example and we hope that together with you we can also develop the Batavian culture. We give you one of the finest archaeological finds from the Viking Museum in La Roche-Derrien (Gascony). The discovery is proof that there is a relationship for centuries to your country and Batavia.
  2. "My brother, at this moment in Batavia a new government is formed. At this government shaping my attention is required. For this reason I can unfortunately no longer remain then planned."
  3. *sings the Batavian Anthem* *Applauds on the half-measure of the song "Charlotte the Beautiful"* Says to the Emperor: The building is very beautifull. If there is time, I would like to get a guided tour. *Is very suprised to see Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda des Vinandy* *Before he can say something the Princess is started to read the scroll and the King is more suprised at the distribution of the knight orders* After the reception of the knight orders by both the king and the queen the king says the King: I think I can speak on behalf of our both, that to say it is
  4. *Giving hands to de Emperor and kisses to the Empress* It's a honor to be here in Stormark. So far what I have seen of Stormark, it's a very beautifull country. You must be very proud!
  5. (I'm sorry for my absences. Things in reallife go first. Can we continue?)
  6. *The queen gives her husband a tap and says:* Don't touch the buttons
  7. * The King and Queen are very suprised by the welcome in their own language and give a compliment to Lady Ljúfvina Geirdiarfrsdottir * * The King salutes Geirleifr Glúmrsson, the Imperial Chamberlain etc. *
  8. * The Royal Airplane of Batavia is escorted by Stormark fighters. THe fighters flying over and the Royal plane is landing * * After the landing, the plane stops and a stair is placed before the door * * The King and Queen saluts their pilots and come out of the plane. Then the Royals walks down the stairs and they are welcomed with the Batavian national anthem *
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