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  1. Your Excellency, I very much like your ideas.
  2. When will the Consecration of the Temple of Aniara at Haraldsborg commence?
  3. Below you may find a summary about the Lady Freyja. She is so very important to Stormark because she was instrumental in the creation of Stormark as can be read in the Old Tale, the Saga of Stormark's Creation. The Lady Freyja is also one of the three Patron Deities of Stormark, together with the Lady Frigga and the Lady Idunn. The three Patron Deities of Stormark are joined in Sacred Marriage with the High King.
  4. Has a Batavian king ever lost the Mandate of Heaven?
  5. I look forward to reading your paper.
  6. How many followers per bishop are there? Indeed. Let's start the Religious Convention!
  7. I find the current emblem of Freyja's Necklace very pleasing.
  8. No, not at all. That wouldn't be a problem at all. The Stormarkian "bishops" would, of course, keep their traditional titles.
  9. A messenger from the High Priestess of the Temple of Love arrives at the throne room of the castle of the Jarl of Lannion. She then walks up to the Jarl of Lannion and hands him a note.
  10. "Let the Lady you love be what you do." A Humourous Guide to Heathens Animal Lover Could this person have a spirit animal? Is it on their rings, their pendants, their t-shirt, tattooed across their lower arms, and who knows where else? Count the critters. If you can find more than five you have the animal loving heathen. And possibly also: Beanie ™ Heathen Checks the toyshop window every morning to see if their spirit animals have been released as a beanie baby. Will have a soft squashy pile of furry fun next to the alter, hanging over doors and portals, decorating mirrors and bookshelv
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