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  1. I'm doing alright, thanks! Unfortunately I had a bad spell and ended up in hospital, but now I'm back and fit for fight
  2. Daniel


    I'm intrigued... what would the symbolism of this be? How would this be performed?
  3. I mean, how cool wouldn't it to have a treaty that began like this? (Hope I got the translations right, but I am more concerned about the Elw translation than the Sangunese (Japanese) one
  4. The Regent of Elwynn, Amokolia and Hurmu, I'm sure will welcome you with open arms. After all, he's invited President Kovac of Ocia, a long-time enemy of Amokolia, for a state visit to the country so that good relations may be made
  5. Lady Law Speaker, I hereby make you aware of my final will and testament whose original is deposited with the Supreme Court of Babkha. A copy of this will is as follows: Many thanks, Lady Law Speaker! Signed Daniel of Nidaros
  6. Eek! Sorry, I must have missed this topic! Yes, my new identity will be all over the place! The new character will be known as Kaspar Ermo-ra-Araezelion. AND MANY THANKS FOR YOUR THIS FUTURE HONOUR!
  7. I had never thought that a member of our esteemed imperial family would go for something this kitsch!
  8. I hope they will be sufficiently flogged if they fail us, Majesty!
  9. The Humlebæk Island sword is known as Tåresværdet (Sword of Tears) while the one for the Vaan Aujoen is known as Chrimeiz (icicle) or Eizsvert.
  10. Short article from today's The Elirian, a tabloid in Elwynn.
  11. TO: HI&RM The High King, TT.EE. The Wardens in High Council From: HRH The Jarl of Humlebæk Island Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, Your Excellencies: Please accept my resignation as Jarl of Humlebæk Island. Yours sincerely, DANIEL GOODHEART Jarl of Humlebæk Island
  12. Fellow Humlebækkers, following the vote of no confidence in the jarlship of myself over this island, I have, after private discussions with each member of the Assembly of Law, decided that I am unable to continue serving the people of this Island in this position. I shall render my resignation. Humlebækkers, you have given yourself to me. This Island will always be in my heart, and you, the people of this Island, I will always love. I consider myself a child of this Island and a brother to each and every one of you. I will leave this Island now, but I will return to meet you, my friends and my family here. But I cannot with good conscience stay here, given the polarization my very presence brings.
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